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A message from Japan for me and From me to my students.

Hey students. I hope it will be an inner motivation for u all. Its ur friend. Read more . . .

HEYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it`s me, Stephanie. I really miss the school when I saw your blog. It`s been a while and I also miss my friends in my school.You know what?It`s fun here and it`s getting cold here..... It`s winter and the temperature is about 10 degree....Even if i go to school in the morning i can see frost on the grass.It was cool!!! I`l return to Malaysia next year...Feels like don`t wanna leave Japan.It`s so cool and the technologies are very sophisticated and i managed to get along with my Japanese friends here. I can speak Japanese oredy!!! \(^0^)/ I went o so many places and I can`t wait to see snow for the first time!!This is indeed a very good experience of mine.I`d took so many pictures and can`t wait to show them to my friends and family in Malaysia.You know what?I know feels that I am part of the Japanese.It is just changed a lil bit but I`d became almost a Japanese i guess...hahahahahahaha!!! I dunno how to explain. Anyway,i wish you the very best of this festive season and happy new year!!
Regards from Japan,
ステファニー、 お大事に

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