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MGKK's Plan
  • Its been almost the end of the year to certain people i guess and it's the same with our Kapit MGKK.
  • We tried in the past (end of 2006-2007-now) building up the organization, promoting and doing a lot of activities with other agencies around Kapit. Thank God, we managed to deal/ visit primary schools (SK Amang, Kpg Baru, SK Nanga Bawai) Secondary schools (SMK Kapit, Kapit No.2, Balleh, Selirik, Song and Katibas), other agencies (KEMAS, KPSU, PPG itself, BELIA).
  • There were many programmes/ activities conducted/ join venture with MGKK. Hopefully by helping them up, we also promoting the organization. Though sometimes, we felt tired of going here and there giving talks, handling games, etc but it's a must for us as counselor to share and give hands to others especially in the Education department.
  • Thanks a lot to the Principals for understanding us as part of MGKK where by we have to help outsiders besides our own school. Sometimes, have to negotiate with them.
  • Next year 2009 . . . what's the plan? Keep promoting for sure. Helping others its a must for MGKK. Conducting a combine seminar for primary school maybe. Organise courses for education staff hopefully. Well, hope the best for the best !!
  • MGKK team . . . thanks a lot, keep up the spirit and the good work !!

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