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BEWARE !!! (Kaedah penipuan semasa)

Email dari si penipu . . .
thanks for your prompt response,i want to let u know that im ok with the item and i am from united kingdom,i want to get it for my son who now currently went for a geographycal experiment in west africa nigeria,i could have come to collect it my self but because of my present job, will not allow me if you still want to sell the item just get back to me and i will like to know if u will be accepting paypal/bank transfer so that i can make the payment immediately and i need the total cost of the item and the shipping to west africa nigeria,hope to hear from you soon. Thanks and God bless you. regard kelvin

email dia sebelum ni
1. The money is on pending to your account the bank want you to make shipment before they release the money into your account

2. Hello friend,
i got the confirmation from the bank now and they said the transfer as been approved, so here is the detials to send the item to for my son:
Name: Adebola stephen,
Address: #2, idumagbo avenue, lagos island, lagos state, Nigeria 23401
here is the details to send the item to...
i will be waiting to read from you soon, thanks
babeta going to pay for the shiiping to spain so let me know the taotal cost for the shipping and the total for the item as well... Contoh2 email mereka.

4. Thanks for the reply i want to buy the item and can you let me know the total cost for the item and the total cost for the shipping to spain for my son ther so get back to....Thanks.

5. Hllo friend, have made the tranfer to your account already am only waiting on bank to send me confirmation before sending you the address to send the item to, i will be waiting on the bank to confirm it, thanks babeta

6. Hello friend, i got the confirmation from the bank now and they said the transfer as been approved, so here is the detials to send the item to for my son:
Name: Adebola stephen,
Address: #2, idumagbo avenue, lagos island, lagos state, Nigeria 23401
here is the details to send the item to...
i will be waiting to read from you soon, thanks. babeta

7. Hello friend, i am so happy to see your item here,is this item is still available for sale? am Babeta Peruta, am from U.S, i will like to buy your item for my son in SPAIN for his Birthday gift, i want to make it a supprise gift for him so let me know if you will like to sell the item for me and get back to me with the total amount with shipping cost to SPAIN, and let know if i can pay you throug USPS Money Order or PAYBYTOUCH CHECK, or BANK TRANSFER.....i will be waiting to read from email is
Thanks Babeta

8. Dear Valuable Client,
We hereby notify you that our Client Mrs Babeta Peruta has made a transfer to your account, here is the confirmation from RBC online transfer department do reply as soon as possible.
The Wire Transfer Order from Royal Bank Of Canada Online Banking has been Approved .TRANSFER NUMBER :-
We have received a TRANSFER ORDER placed by our Customer ( Mrs Babeta Peruta
) the sum of ($650.00USD) Has Been transferred to you as a payment for your item (CAMERA) and it has been successfully processed and has consequently been APPROVED .The financial details of the transaction are stated below:
Transfer Receipt Confirmation

Order Status:
Transfer Payments Order Available
Date Placed
Order Status
Transfer Order Number
Billing Information:
Transfer Status:
Payment Method
Visa Card/Cash
Card Number
Exp. Date
Name on Card
Mrs Babeta Peruta
Street Address
6111 - 91 St.
City, State, Zip
Edmonton, Alberta,T6E 6V6
Services Purchased:
Direct Transfer /Cash
Item Amount
Transfer charges
Total Amount transferred to seller
Item Unit
1 units
Shipping Services DHL/EMS/UPS...E.T.C
Auction Site
Item description

Seller's Information:
Use our online Transfer to pay for online purchases, the companies / individuals you buy from all over the world. This is an important security feature and certainly is better than having your credit card number transmitted all over the Internet. Our Service is secure, and we screen our merchant accounts very closely in order to protect the sellers and the buyer

Email Address of the seller


Account Holder Name:Sebandi le
Account Number:1110
Item Name:Camera
Item Cost+Shipping Cost:

Thank you for using Online Banking System (Wire Transfer) ® As a Payments . We look forward to serving your online with better services in the future.

Please check the above information if they are correct as entered by our numerous customer.
If you are having any problem with it just contact the transfer department at :


The transferred Amount will take up to (1-2 HOURS) before your account can be credited,These is due to bank to bank transfer system.Also note that your account will not be credited until you contact us to be sure that you are the Right owner of the Money and that it is not any form of money laundering,With this we will verify with the item description our Customer made us to believe the transfer is been made for.

This is to guide against Crediting an account for Wrong Payment and Cautiousness.

The transferred Amount will not be credited into your Bank account if we can't verify that the Item has been shipped to the buyer from the Courier Service Used and confirming that the item on transit this is what will make us believe the transfer is meant for you . The Scan shipment document (Receipt ) gave to you by the Shipment/Freight Company or Tracking Number must be sent to us In order to Protect Our Customer and Yourself from fraud .

This will be filed for documentation purposes and unforeseen future references that might arise.
If there is an error in the payment details above, Please we advise that you correct it and contact our Customer/Technical Dept at ( , You can send the SCAN RECEIPT or TRACKING NUMBER stating the TRANSFER NUMBER: SW1100592012KMS as the Subject for easy clarifications.

Note:Your account will be credited immediately upon confirmation of the details required by us moreover our customer cannot cancel or stop the transfer after you might have sent the tracking number and the shipment receipt to us.

Thank you for using Royal Bank.
The order has been APPROVED, you CAN NOW ship the merchandise to the buyer's shipping address. You are expected to make the shipment as soon as you receive this Transfer Payment Approval Notification and get to our Transfer department/Technical Dept. with the tracking number for Shipment Verification.

RBC Royal Bank

Bila ada yang menjual barangan di lelong @ dll, ada pula yang mengambil kesempatan terhadap benda2 ni. Saya sekali terleka sebab ingatkan orang betul2 nak beli n of course sebab kita nak jual, kena layan la juga. bila dah selalu email/ interaksi . . nampak dah macam pelik, kalau mula2 dia kata dari UK, US dll, sekarang dah tukar ke Nigeria pula. Memang selalu macam tu, kat Nigeria banyak email penipuan. I dah lihat macam ada yang tak kena. Dia minta akaun no sebab nak bayar (relax je n macam tidak berhati2). Saya pun bagi tapi ubah sikit no akaun. Kemudian dia bagi email yang dia akan email, then kata dia dah bank in, then kata lagi pihak bank dah approved (tidak ambil masa lama lagi tu. bukan apa antara negara ni. mana bank kita sama). then minta i hantar barang. i jawab la i kena tunggu perubahan dalam akaun i. then, alasan dia, pihak bank masih pending tapi minta i hantar barang juga. Masa ni tak payah cerita la, gerenti dah menipu punya. apa lagi i bagi kow2 la, teguran dan nasihat. Sampai sekarang email tak masuk2 lagi.

Selalunya sebelum ni, banyak email yang masuk dan mengatakan ada sejumlah akaun dalam bank orang dah meninggal la n tak terambil then dia minta kita uruskan dan bagi akaun kita supaya dia boleh masukkannya agar boleh dibagi 2 nanti. Tapi akhir2 nanti, dia akan minta sejumlah duit untuk urusan ke dalam akaunnya. Itulah penipuannya.

Ref: UK/9420X2/68 Batch Number: 074/05/ZY369
Your mail-Address has won £750,000.00 credited to file Ref: UK/9420X2/68
in the Irish National Lottery online draw.
Please acknowledge the receipt of this mail with the details below to
Mr.Derek White
Name ...........*Address:....*City/State...Country:...*Sex:..*Tel:.*Occupation:.....
Mrs. Joan Parker
Online Coordinator

Agent Name: Mr. Edward Parker. Email: (
This is to inform you that you have been selected for a cash prize of 1,500,000
(British Pounds) held on the 12th of March 2009 in London (United Kingdom).Theselection
process was carried out through random selection in Our computerized email selection system (ESS) London Uk. Fill the below:
3.Country of Residence:
4.Telephone Number:

So buat anda yang selalu online, hati2 la.

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