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16 JUNE - Happy birthday to ME

*taken from my FB

Whats so special about it? Is it the numbers.. but some say its doesn't matter. Is it the wishes ? but what about if we forget the day. what will happen? Or is it because of the wishes from friends, relatives etc? But what if we don't have any. Is it the occasion, having a nice n wonderful dinner at home cooked by wife @ mum @ at a nice place in town. Or is it because of the presents given by others? Perhaps, but for some . . . its only a day that will past by. So whats so special about it. Is it because we knew that God still with us n its a sentimental, precious moment for us to acknowledge Him in our life. To those who doesn't have one ?

Dipendekkan cerita (malas pulak nak menaip) heheh.
Its because of everything - kerana kawan, saudara, isteri, keluarga, adik beradik, rakan sekerja, wishes, boy/girl friends n GOD. hadiah pun ya, makan malam pun ya

So thank you very much to all the posts/ messages given by YOU on my FB n it keeps coming while i'm typing this notes. May God bless U n your family too

cheer !!

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