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How to save fuel /petrol ???

1. Slow down - just follow the speed limit 2. Check your tire pressure - at least once a month, in cool condition. 3. accelerate moderately 4. turn off air conditioner - (only applicable at night) 5. keep the original - don’t upgrade your car with fancy rim or tyre 6. reduce your car weight 7. downsize - use a smaller car (CLK? Cute Little Kancil.) 8. Don’t drive - those without driving license don’t spend much on fuel 9. Avoid extremely high speeds 10. Don’t brake hard 11. Keep windows closed at high speed (of course with air-con on) 12. Service vehicle regularly 13. Maintaining a constant speed 14. Avoid long idles - turn it off if it is going to be idle for more than 1 minute 15. Warming up engine is not necessary 16. Be sure the automatic choke is disengaged after engine warm up 17. Buy fuel during coolest time of day - early morning or late evening is the best. 18. Use credit card with fuel rebate 19. Never fill gas tank past the first “click” of fuel nozzle, if nozzle is automatic. 20. Manual shift driven cars allow you to change to highest gear as soon as possible, thereby letting you save fuel. 21. Think ahead when approaching hills. If you accelerate, do it before you reach the hill, not while you’re on it. 22. Avoid rough roads whenever possible - dirt or gravel rob you of up to 30% of your fuel mileage. 23. Use alternate roads when safer, shorter, straighter. 24. Place gear into neutral position when waiting at traffic light 25. Park car so that you can later begin to travel in forward gear 26. Inspect suspension and chassis parts for occasional misalignment. 27. Set air conditioners to auto if available 28. Car pools reduce travel monotony and fuel expense 29. Do whatever possible online, by phone etc such as banking, document delivery, shopping etc 30. when filling up, don’t squeeze the trigger of the nozzle to the fastest mode 31. Fill up when your tank is half full 32. Sometime it is worth to pay the toll 33. Look further to anticipate obstacle - don’t tailgate 34. Park at shaded car park - save your air-con 35. No unnecessary external accessories 36. Monitor your odometer or tripmeter 37. Use K-link fuel saver? If it really works, you don’t have to advertise it in this desperate situation. 38. Plan ahead by combining your errands into one trip 39. Plan your trips so you go out during less-congested times of day. 40. Work from home 41. Take public transportation (I am just kidding) 42. Cycling to work - it might be better than taking the public transportation 43. Use NGV - read this real experience by Fathersez 44. When going downhill, ease your throttle down and work with gravity to build up speed. 45. Move nearer to your work place 46. Use cruise control only on flat road 47. When there is a timer on traffic light showing “99? seconds and stays still, off your engine. 48. Scrap your car if all the above fail.

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