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Tips: Rompakan dekat bank

Bila dibaca, logik juga idea ni. Cuma tak tau bila akan berlaku pada seseorang. Tapi ia adalah utk kita semua fikir2kan dan untuk makluman. Sila baca

Dear all,

 Pls be careful.
I drove to Maybank Seapark branch PJ last Friday evening at about 5.30pm, 29May09. I was pleased to find a vacant bay just outside the bank. I parked my car and went to do some banking at the machines, then I walked cross to Watson to get some toiletries. I came back to my car and noticed that the front right tyre was almost flat. Immediately I drove to the tyre shop nearby, which is about 100m away.

I told the shop keeper I had a flat tyre. His prompt response: "Did you go to the bank?" He told me a few similar cases happened. It was a clean cut on the side of the tyre, about 1 cm long.

I guess these evil-doers' tactic was to follow my car (if I had not
noticed the flat tyre) until I could not go further with the flat tyre. Then they would either rob me on the spot or force me to go back to the bank to
 withdraw money for them.

This reminded me of another time when I also parked in front of a bank in Uptown, Damansara Utama. I did not go to the bank that day. I had lunch with a friend near the bank. I sent her back to Taman Tun and came back home. One of the tyres was flat. There was a brand new nail stuck to the tyre. I suppose that evil person did not follow us as he noticed we did not go to the bank.

Please be extremely careful when you go to the bank.
You don't know who is watching you!!!

I thank God for His protection.

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