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Becoming A Good Leader

by - Godchasers ChasingGod

Webster's dictionary defines A Leader as :
1. A Guide, Conductor
2. A Chief, Commander

Here are 12 things to help you become A Good Leader.

1. Firstly a good leader must have the Spirit of God and a prayer life.

2. A good leader must know how to deal with people from ALL walks of life.(Must exercise temperance)

3. A good leader must have vision(be a vision-air and have faith in yourself and your vision).

4. A good leader must have insight (you should know when those under your leadership is in need).

5. A good leader must pay tithes. (When you don't pay tithes you are under a curse).

6. A good leader must have wisdom,knowledge ,
understanding and a spirit of Excellence.

7. A good leader must always up-grade themselves and never settle for mediocrity.

8. A good leader must always prepared to walk alone.

9. A good leader must be prepared to go through(he/she must be able to endure).

10. A good leader must show kindness and compassion,love,affection and must be sympathetic.
11. A good leader must be humble enough to take constructive criticism from others.

12. A good leader must be able to serve. (Have a servant's heart).

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