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Malaysia Day

SIBU: All Sarawakians should be grateful to the Federal Government for finally recognising Sept 16 as the Malaysia Day.
Economist Dr Gregory Hii said that was most appropriate as it was the date when North Borneo, Sarawak, Singapore and Malaya came together to form Malaysia.
“So in essence, Sept 16 should be celebrated as the Malaysia Day for Sarawakians and Aug 31 as Merdeka Day for the people in the peninsula,’ he said.
Hii said it was regrettable that it took so long and so much lobbying before the date was finally given the recognition as Malaysia Day by the Federal Government.
“The recognition was long overdue and it should be given years ago but as always, it was better late than never,” he said.
Hii believed the declaration of Sept 16 as a public holiday would go a long way in helping bring the people of Sarawak closer as they celebrate together to mark the occasion.
Businessman Teo Wen Huat said Sept 16 would not give him any special memory.
“It will be like any other day and it is business as usual for me,” he said.
Nevertheless, Teo said he would treat the occasion with respect and would also join the rest of Sarawakians to welcome the public holiday with open arms. Civil servant Thomas Tan said all Sarawakians should feel proud that Sept 16 had finally been given the recognition as a public holiday.
Come Sept 16, he said it should give the people here an extra cause and an added meaning to celebrate.
“With the recognition given to Sept 16, it will also help create a feeling of patriotism, bravery and commitment displayed by the past leaders as the people here joined in the joyous celebration.”
He said it would also be an occasion for the people to should camaradie and unity.

p/s: Mana nak raya? Tarikh majlis kahwin ke tarikh dalam sijil kahwin?

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